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Frequently asked questions about railings – part 1

When purchasing a railing, there are often many questions and here we have collected the most common queries from our customers to help you. The answer to your question might be here!

We have enlisted the help of Natalia Lerulf, one of our best customer support staff. The first section will focus on the railings and questions that may arise when choosing a product. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, contact customer support. You can also read the second section which covers the installation and maintenance of railings.

Many of our customers have a specific design in their mind and ask for tailored features to be added.
– At Räckesbutiken, we have no fixed measurements and all of our products are manufactured based on the specific dimensions required by the customer, and therefore everything we make is custom-made. The products and features on our webpages, however, are the range of models we offer. If, for example, you are interested in gates or railings for stairs, we do not, unfortunately, offer these as an option, but we are constantly working to develop new products to meet our customers needs.

Can you choose different heights on alternate sides of the railing?
– As a rule, different heights on alternate sides of the railing are something that falls outside our set models. We would like to help as much as we can, but as it requires some extra work, there may be an additional cost. Contact our customer support and we can help advise you further.

Which products are best suited for indoor and outdoor environments and what should you consider when choosing glass? Should I use tempered glass or not?
– All our products can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our aluminium railing shares the same surface quality as the mast of a sailboat, making it highly resistant to wear and tear. We adapt our railings to meet your requirements of indoor or outdoor use. Furthermore, it is your personal tastes that decides whether one of our designs can be used indoors our outdoors.

When it comes to choosing glass, we offer ordinary laminated and tempered laminated glass. Both meet the standard of safety glass, but the toughened version is used in areas where there is more traffic or where it is more vulnerable. Ordinary laminated glass is suitable for private residences, but this also depends on how the railing is to be used. If you know that the glass will be load-bearing (e.g. if you don’t have a top rail but still want to use it as support) or will be exposed to repeated external stresses (e.g. along the coast or in the mountains where there is often a strong wind), we recommend tempered glass. If you have a garden that is used for children’s sports such as football, and there is a glass railing at ground level, then we recommend the use of tempered glass 😉

Glass railing for terraces

Stainless steel glass stairwell railing

Our glass railing in stainless steel, just like our other railings, can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What does safety glass mean?
– The glass we supply for all our glass railings is 8.76 mm thick, laminated glass with ground and polished edges. Laminated glass is where two panes of glass have been glued together with a plastic film between them. The glass can still break, but remains in place without shattering everywhere. You can choose between clear glass, opal (frosted) and a grey tinted glass. As we mentioned above, we also have a toughened laminated glass for more demanding environments.

Are there rules for the height of railings?
– Yes, this depends on the specific country law and regulations.

Style advice
– We also receive many request for advice on styles, material choice, and the most suitable combination for a particular house, etc. All of these vary from person to person, but we are happy to help with advice as we have plenty of experience of delivering successful designs for a wide range of customers with different tastes. On our product pages you can view examples of our installed designs for inspiration:

The above are just examples of some of our railing products, to see all products that we offer online please click on the following link: See all railing products from Balustradestore


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