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Juliet Balcony

Juliet Balcony with Glass Railing- Elegance Meets Safety

Enhance your Juliet Balcony with a glass railing from Balustradestore. This elegant addition not only offers a sense of openness, connecting the indoors with the outdoors, but also maximises light entry and provides an unobstructed view.

Practical Elegance

Custom-made to your precise measurements, our glass railings for Juliet balconies are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to maintain, ensuring lasting beauty.

The transparent quality of glass lends a sleek, open feel and ensures a perfectly clear vista.

Prioritising Safety

Our robust glass is both hardened and laminated for optimal durability and safety. The laminated design, featuring two glass sheets bonded with a plastic film, ensures the glass remains intact even if one pane breaks- a crucial safety feature for both your balcony and passersby below.

Choose from clear glass or opt for coloured lamellae in grey or opal (coloured or frosted foil between the glass panes) for added visual appeal.

Installation Options

Choose from two installation methods for your Juliet balcony glass railing:

  • Fixpoints: Stainless steel fixpoints (Ø45 mm) are installed through pre-drilled holes in the glass, three on each side for secure attachment.
  • Aluminium Poles: Discreet poles on each side, available in natural (aluminium), white, black, or grey with texture. Pre-drilled holes in the glass ensures maximum safety.

Design and Order with Ease

Our intuitive design tool allows you to input unique measurements and personalize your Juliet balcony. Save your designs, revisit measurements, and adjust selections as needed. Email a quote for comparison or family discussions before finalizing your order. Should you need assistance during the design process, our helpful guide within the tool and our customer service team are readily available for support.

Why Choose Our Juliet Balconies

At Balustradestore, we tailor our products to your specific dimensions, with the cost of delivery included in the price. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality products and provide everything required for assembly. Our step-by-step assembly videos make installation straightforward, enabling you to easily complete the process independently.

Technical information

Technical details

Square 50x50 mm

Square aluminium posts and handrails with dimensions 50x50 mm.

Stainless fixpoints

For mounting outside, we use stainless fixpoints in acid-resistant steel (AISI 316). Mounted with screw pins.

12.76mm Toughened and Laminated Glass

The same construction as our standard laminated glass, but with two tempered glass sheets instead. We recommend this glass for environments where the railing may be exposed to repeated external stresses. Comes with ground and polished edges.

Glass Selection (colour)

When you design your railing, you also choose the type of glass you want. You can choose between clear glass or colored lamellae in gray or opal (coloured or frosted foil between the glass panes).

Aluminium Glass Strip

U-shaped aluminium (14x12 mm) attached to the glass strip with glue. Surface layer 20 µ.

Customisable Railing Height

In our design tool, you choose the height of your French balcony, either 1000 or 1100 mm (calculated from the floor to the top of the railing). 1100 mm is what the Housing Agency's standards say that a railing should be in places with a risk of falling higher than 3 meters.

Mounting Dimensions

When you enter your measurements in our design tool, you enter the c-c measurement of the bracket for your French balcony.

Millimetre Perfect

When you enter your measurements, we ask you to do so in millimetres. We create your railing to the millimetre, so that it's a perfect fit for where you want to place it.

Attachment for fixpoints

Stainless fixpoints that are mounted on the outside with screw pins.

Fastening for aluminum posts

The posts are anchored with two screws on the side, directly against the anchoring surface.

Screw for wood attachment - fixpoint

For fixpoints, screws are included for attachment to wood. When attaching to other materials, we recommend that you contact your local hardware store.

Screw for wooden attachment - aluminum posts

With aluminum poles, you can choose wall mounting for wood or concrete. If you choose attachment to a wooden substrate, screws are included for this purpose. The screw is made of hardened steel and, in outdoor environments, also surface-treated with Corrseal - Corrosivity class C4. The screw is equipped with a milling groove along the stem and one on the tip. This means a very low screw-in torque in harder wooden materials and minimizes cracking.

Screw for concrete attachment - aluminum posts

With aluminum poles, you can choose wall mounting for wood or concrete. If you choose attachment to a concrete substrate, screws are included for this purpose. The screw is made of hardened steel and, in outdoor environments, also surface-treated with Corrseal - Corrosivity class C4. Approved for base material cracked concrete, uncracked concrete & perforated decks. Also suitable for solid brick, hollow brick, solid mexite brick and natural stone. When fixing in materials other than wood or concrete, we recommend that you contact your local hardware store.

Everything is included with your order

The package you receive from us includes everything you need to assemble your barriers. This includes posts, glass and handrails, as well as all screws, drill bits and special tools. All you need is a screwdriver, wrench, ruler and spirit level.

Assembly Videos and Instructions

Our assembly videos help you by showing specific steps of the installation process. Our assembly tips and videos are adapted to each order. They're not general descriptions, rather, they directly concern your particular order.

Stainless steel parts

Since stainless steel, despite its name, isn't immune to corrosion, all stainless steel parts need to be maintained and cleaned 1-3 times a year. If the railing is installed in an area close to the sea, it may be necessary to clean and treat it more often. Use a soft cloth to clean the surfaces with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.


Use a soft cloth to clean glass surfaces with window or mirror cleaning fluid. For more difficult stains, rubbing alcohol can be used. Afterwards, clean with window and mirror cleaning fluid for a second time. Do not use abrasive agents on glass.

Aluminium parts

Poles or other aluminium parts require occasional maintenance. Should stains appear, a mild detergent, water and a soft cloth are usually sufficient. Do not use products with abrasive, acidic or alkaline properties.


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