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Juliet balcony

Glass railing for your Juliet balcony – elegant & safe

A glass railing for your Juliet balcony gives you a feeling of being outside when you’re inside and you maximize both the light input and the view.

Practical and aesthetic

When you order a glass railing for your Juliet balcony we produce it with your exact measurements. It’s easy to maintain and going to look good for many years to come.

In terms of appearance, glass is fantastic! It creates a clean, open and airy feeling and gives a completely clear view.

Safety first

We use a strong and durable glass that’s both hardened and laminated. Laminated glass consists of two glass sheets with plastic film in between, which means that the glass sticks together even if one of the sheets should break. That’s safe for both your balcony, and the people walking below.

Fixpoints or poles in aliminium

There’s two ways to assemble your glass railing for your Juliet balcony:

  • Fixpoints: Fixpoints in stainless steel (Ø45 mm) which is assembled through pre-drilled holes in the glass. Three on each side.
  • Poles in aluminium: One discreet pole on each side. Available in the colors natural (aluminum), white, black or gray with texture. The glass has pre-drilled holes for maximum safety.

Easy to design and order

In our design tool you add your unique measurement and make your personal choices for you Juliet balcony.

You have the opportunity to save your railing, double check your measurements and whenever you want log in to adjust your previous values and choices. You can also send the product as a quote to your e-mail, so that you can easily compare different railings or discuss within the family before you place the order.

If you need help when you design your glass railing the help texts in the design tool will guide you. But you’re always welcome to contact our customer service for personal support.

The reason why you should by Juliet balcony at Balustradestore

We adapt our products by your specific measurements, the freight is included in the price and we produce high quality products. In addition, all you need for assembly is included. With the help of our assembly videos, which show you how to proceed to install your railing, it will be easy to complete the assembly on your own.

Technical information

Technical details

Skruv för betonginfästning - aluminiumstolpar

Med aluminiumstolpar kan du välja vägginfästning för trä eller betong. Väljer du infästning i betongunderlag medföljer skruvar för detta ändamål. Skruven är tillverkad av härdat stål med Corrseal behandling för utomhusmiljöer - Korrosivitetsklass C4. Betongskruven är 80 mm lång och skruvas direkt i förborrat hål utan plugg med hjälp av en 10 mm nyckel, som självklart medföljer i din order. 
Godkänd för grundmaterial: Sprucken betong - Osprucken betong - Håldäck. 
Även lämplig för: Massiv tegelsten - Håltegelsten - Massiv mexitegel – Natursten.


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