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Glass & clamps

Many opportunities

Order glass & clamps to your existing frame

Are you tired of your wooden railing and wish for something else? Keep your wooden poles and replace, for example, your wooden bars with glass & clamps from Balustradestore and your railing will look brand new.


You have the possibility to choose both colors and shapes for you new clamps, and you can choose between three different types of laminated glass.

Glass & clamps for balcony or terrace

If you’re looking for a windshield to your existing wooden railing it’s easy to assemble glass on the inside or outside of the railing.

Easy to assemble

You get filmed assembly instructions when you order glass & clamps. The videos are specially designed for your product and shows step-by-step the assembly process.

Safe laminated glass

We offer safe, laminated glass that are 8,76 mm thick and has sanded and polished edges. Laminated glass consists of two glass sheets with plastic film in between, which means that the glass sticks together even if one of the sheets should break.

You can choose from clear, ultra clear, opal (frosted) or grey tinted glass. If you are going to assemble the railing in an environment where it will be repeatedly exposed to external stresses, you can choose tempered and laminated glass.

For all environments

Technical information

Technical details

Assembly instructions

Here you se an example of our filmed assembly instructions. When you’ve placed your order we will send you links to all video instructions for your railing and the details you’ve chosed.


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