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Bar balustrade

High quality in every detail

A robust bar balustrade in stainless steel

If you’re in need of a balustrade that’s safe, good looking and made of high quality you’ve come to the right place. Our Bar balustrade are made in stainless steel and it’s up to you whether you want the bars to be placed horizontal (ST Flow) och vertical (ST Breeze).


In our design tool you decide, among other things, how big the space will be between the bars and the height of the balustrade.

If you choose a balustrade with vertical bars there’s always gonna be a handrail on top, and if you choose horizontal bars it’s optional. The handrail can be made of stainless steel or wood (oak or jatoba).

Easy to customize and order in our design tool

When you enter your measurements and make your design choices in our design tool you’ll get to see all changes to the Bar balustrade directly – in both 3D and as a drawing. This will ensure you how the railing will turn out before you place your order.

You have the opportunity to save your railing, double check your measurements and whenever you want log in to adjust your previous values and choices. You can also send the product as a quote to your e-mail, so that you can easily compare different railings or discuss within the family before you place the order.

Order Bar balustrade online - on desktop, tablet or mobile

The design tool is easy to manage on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile)

Bars in stainless steel

The bars are rounded with a diameter of 12 mm. When you choose horizontal bars you should always place the balustrade at ground level for safety reasons, in case somebody’s climbing on it. Our build classes will help you to make the right choices to guarantee you the safety depending on where the balustrade will be placed.

The bars are rounded with a diameter of 12 mm. For safety reasons the space between the bars will always be max. 100mm, no matter how long you railing turns out or how many sections you’ve chosen.


If you’re going to assemble a railing in stainless steel outdoors you should be aware of that it requires some amount of maintenance, otherwise there’s a risk that it will (despite its name) rust. Stainless steel railings needs to be cleaned in regular intervals, and more often if you live near by the sea. If you want a railing that’s almost maintenance free you should look into Alu Classic or Alu Modern.


To make our Bar balustrade as easy to assemble as possible we include everything you need (loops, screws, bits etc.) in your delivery. The railing has stainless steel poles that are attached on the top of the base. Our measurement templates specifies how the posts should be placed in relation to the dimensions you’ve entered. When you’ve placed your order get video (& text) instructions for your railing and the details you’ve chosen.

CE marked balustrade

Our stainless steel railings are CE marked which meets the requirement of the European standard EN 1090-1. More information about the CE-mark.


I stora delar av Skåne, Halland samt hela Stockholm & Göteborg med omnejd erbjuder vi montering.


Pictures from our customers in different environments and with different design choices.

Technical information

Technical details

Klass B

Klass B-räcken är lämpliga att använda i miljöer där nivåskillnaden från golv till mark är 0,5-3 meter. Våra B-klassade räcken klarar minst 0,5 kN/m i linjelast och i de fall räcket har glas är detta ett säkerhetsglas som förhindrar personskador vid en eventuell stöt.

Klass C

C-klassade räcken är lämpliga att använda i markhöjd. I de fall räcket har glas är detta ett säkerhetsglas som förhindrar personskador vid en eventuell stöt.


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