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      Design your glass railing and get your price instantly!

      We have railings for terraces, balconys and indoor use – in aluminum, stainless steel and glas only.

      Information about prices, transport & materials in the world

      In the wake of the pandemic the prices for both transport & materials have increased in recent months. In many cases the increases are driven by the lack of access to materials. Also the shutdown in the Suez Canal as well as covid eruptions in ports around the world cause major disruptions in the flow of goods globally.

      As for Balustrade Store we only experience minor disruptions in access to materials. We work continuously to secure volumes and use alternative transport routes. We have only been forced to make small price increases caused by changed prices from suppliers.

      However. We experience that price changes can come quickly and with short notice. That’s why we urge our customers to not wait with their purchases, neither of our products nor in general, if you don’t want to risk buying it to a higher price.

      Glass railings and handrails for all environments

      Alu Modern

      Elegant glass railing with aluminium posts. For terraces, balconys and indoor use.

      Est. price at 300 €/m

      Stainless glass railing

      A nice and elegant glass railing with posts in stainless steel. The handrail is selectable (steel, word or without).

      Est. price at 300 €/m/m

      Height-adjustable glass barrier

      Alu Flex is a versatile and robust glass barrier with a protective top panel which can be raised and lowered as required.

      Est. price at 600 €/m

      Frameless glass railing

      Maximize the view with a railing in only glass. Mount with fixpoints, floor brackets or rail.

      Est. price at 300 €/m

      Alu Classic

      A glass railing in aluminium that's affordable and easy to maintain. For both indoors and outdoors.

      Est. price at 210 €/m/m

      Wire railing

      Wire railing in stainless steel. An airy but still stable railing for indoor and outdoor environment.

      Est. price at 300 €/m

      Alu Retro

      Modern variant of wrought iron railing. Made of aluminium instead of stainless steel.

      Est. price at 210 €/m

      Glass & clamps

      Create your own unique railing. Buy glass & clamps from us and attach to your own poles.

      Est. price at 300 €/m

      Alu Color

      Aluminium railing with the possibilities of choosing any RAL-color you want for poles, glass & details.

      Est. price at 300 €/m

      Stainless steel railing

      A stainless steel railing of high quality.

      Est. price at 300 €/m


      For stairs both indoor and outdoor. Many choices to fit your environment.

      Est. price at 300 €/m

      Juliet balcony

      Glass that makes your Juliet balcony look like a million dollars.

      Est. price at 210 €

      We are here to help you in all situations

      Do you have any questions about our products, mounting the products or maybe other questions? We are here to help you in all situations!

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        We love our customers ❤️ and they love us - on all our markets







        Balustrade store delivers high quality railings

        For your home, your outdoor environment, balconies and other places where you want a view.

        Our railings (in glass, stainless steel & aluminium) & handrails are created to enhance the experience of your environment both outdoors and indoors. Together we create unique products based on your measurements and with your personal touch to it.

        Glass railings and stainless steel railing for all situations

        Our ambition is to deliver railing for all situations, all homes and for all environments. Since we started our journey as a company 2010, with our popular glass railing, we have developed many different styles of railing such as stainless steel railings and wire railings. We are always open ears to what our customers demands and incessantly develop new products, or make variants of our existing ones. A glass railing from Balustrade Store a delivered with laminated safety glass and can be mounted in all places regardless of the hight above the ground-

        Your personal touch to our railings

        You can order your railing by entering your measurement and by different kind of choices tailor you railing. You can make choices of aesthetic nature (for the looks) but also practical choices as for example in how you want the railing to be mounted. 

        CE marked products

        Our railings with poles in stainless steel and aluminium are CE marked and live up to the standard EN 1090-1. 


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