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Alu Retro – modern wrought iron railing

Alu Retro is like a wrought iron railing but it is made of aluminum instead of steel, which gives many advantages. Alu Retro weighs less and is easier to handle – it’s also almost maintenance free.

Modern variant of wrought iron railing. Made of aluminium instead of stainless steel.

If you like the feeling of a classic & robust wrought iron railing, this is the product for you. Alu Retro is like a wrought iron railing but it is made of aluminum instead of steel, which gives many advantages. Alu Retro weighs less, is easier to handle and it’s close to maintenance free as well.

“Wrought iron railing” with possibilities

With our “wrought iron railing” we have improved a classic railing and left the opportunity to adapt the railing to you; according to your measurements, your taste and your wishes. Among other things you can choose:

  • if the bars should end at the height of the handrail, or further down
  • if you want a handrail in aluminium, wood or no handrail at all
  • between 3 standard colors or a specific color from the RAL system

You do all your choices when you design your railing in our design tool.

Easy, easy and …

… easy. We make difficult things easy. It’s easy to create, design and order your railing in our design tool. Our products are easy to assemble and they’ll be easy to enjoy afterwards – for many years to come.

The reasons why you should by Alu Retro at Balustradestore

We adapt our products by your specific measurements, the freight is included in the price and we have high quality products. In addition to this, all you need for assembly is included. With the help of our assembly videos, which shows you step-by-step how to install your railing, it will be easy to complete the assembly on your own.

Design tool

When you enter your measurements and make your design choices in our design tool you’ll get to see all changes to Alu Retro directly – in both 3D and as a drawing. This will ensure you how the railing will turn out before you place your order.

You have the opportunity to save your railing, double check your measurements and whenever you want log in to adjust your previous values and choices. You can also send the product as a quote to your e-mail, so that you can easily compare different railings or discuss within the family before you place the order.

Beställ aluminiumräcke i glas via dator, surfplatta eller mobil

Easy to assemble

We’ve worked a lot to make our railing easy to assemble. All screws and other fastening details are included. Our measurement templates specifies how the posts should be placed in relation to the dimensions you entered.

You also get filmed assembly instructions. The videos are specially designed for your railing and show the steps you go through during your assembly.

Maintenance free

If you choose a handrail made of aluminium, or choose to not have a handrail, the railing will be as close to maintenance free as a railing can get. But depending on what details you’ve chosen, you find the maintenance instructions here!

CE marked railing

Our aluminium railings are CE marked which meets the requirements for European standard by EN 1090-1. More information about the CE-mark.

You can choose between normal (right) handrail and higher intermediate (left) handrail.

Technical information

Technical details

Godstjocklek 2,5 mm


Profilerad överliggare i obehandlad ljus ek eller jatoba, ett hårt trä med egenskaper och utseende likt teak.


Vid eventuella hörn på räcket gierar man överliggaren på egen hand. Detta för att försäkra sig att passformen blir exakt. Både trä och aluminium går bra att såga med en vanlig kap/gersåg. I de fall man väljer överliggare i aluminium och hörnet är 90 grader krävs ingen kapning.

Skruv för betonginfästning

Väljer du infästning i betongunderlag medföljer skruvar för detta ändamål. Skruven är tillverkad av härdat stål med Corrseal behandling för utomhus miljöer - Korrosivitetsklass C4. Betongskruven är 80 mm lång och skruvas direkt i förborrat hål utan plugg med hjälp av en 10 mm nyckel, som självklart medföljer i din order. 
Godkänd för grundmaterial: Sprucken betong - Osprucken betong - Håldäck. 
Även lämplig för: Massiv tegelsten - Håltegelsten - Massiv mexitegel – Natursten.

Överliggare med eller utan vägginfästning

Om räcket utgår från en vägg kan man välja att även fästa överliggaren i vägg. Detta kan ge en något stabilare konstruktion.

Assembly instructions

Here you se an example of our filmed assembly instructions. When you’ve placed your order we will send you links to all video instructions for your railing and the details you’ve chosed.


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