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Outer or Inner Corner for Your Railing

27 April, 2023

When you order a railing from us, it’s essential to specify whether the corners of your railing are outer or inner corners. Why We Need to Know the Corner Type Understanding the type of corner is crucial for us because, in certain cases, we need to modify the dimensions of the sides based on whether […]

Wind Protection in Glass

27 April, 2023

You can also enhance your privacy with glass wind protections if you select the opal glass option. the railing can additionally support higher sections to counteract the wind and help to create a cosier space. Check out our design tool to see what suits you best. The wind protection can be fitted to either the […]

Find Inspiration With Our Customer’s Railing Projects in 2023

27 April, 2023

We take immense satisfaction in seeing the completed projects our customers have planned. These endeavors not only enhance homes by adding a stylish touch to any area but also make such spaces safer for everyone. Struggling to decide which railing would suit you? Browse some of the best railing projects from 2022 for inspiration. ST […]

Create a cosy patio with a custom made railing

27 April, 2023

Relaxing at home, whilst enjoying the warmth outside. The home and garden blend into one, as the winter chill recedes. These spaces add both a relaxing space for friends and family, and added value to your home, especially when they are carefully designed and blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. When it comes to creating […]

Customer questions about railings – part 3

27 April, 2023

Here you can find the third and final part of answers for the most common questions asked by our customers! In the last part, we focused on questions that may arise in connection with the ordering, purchase and delivery of our railings. If you missed the previous parts, you can also find them here on […]

The most common customer questions about railings – part 2

27 April, 2023

It’s time for the second part of our series where we have collected together the answers for many of the most common questions. This time too, we have enlisted the help of Natalia Lerulf, one of our most experienced and knowledgeable customer support staff. This section will address the installation and maintenance of railings. If […]

Frequently asked questions about railings – part 1

27 April, 2023

When purchasing a railing, there are often many questions and here we have collected the most common queries from our customers to help you. The answer to your question might be here! We have enlisted the help of Natalia Lerulf, one of our best customer support staff. The first section will focus on the railings […]

Try Designing Your Own Balustrade With Our 3D Configurator!

27 April, 2023

Whether you’re testing the waters or have your heart set on a particular design, we advise you to take the time to try our design tool (click the green button next to the product that interests you)! This easy-to-use tool will display how the railing looks, the exact cost and how long it will take […]

Personalised Railing Advice

27 April, 2023

At Balustradestore we are keen to give our customers the best possible personal service. We are all different, with our own needs and goals, which is why we have created the option of booking our personalised railing advice.

Interior Glass Railings and Handrails – Inspired By Our Customers!

27 April, 2023

At Balustradestore – discover the perfect handrail to add the finishing touch to your interior. During winter, many of our customers focus on renovations or projects indoors and a glass railing is often a popular and stylish choice. And not just as an attractive detail to add to the space. A handrail positioned in a […]


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