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Create a cosy patio with a custom made railing

Relaxing at home, whilst enjoying the warmth outside. The home and garden blend into one, as the winter chill recedes. These spaces add both a relaxing space for friends and family, and added value to your home, especially when they are carefully designed and blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

When it comes to creating an outdoor space that feels open and inviting, there is no better option than a stylish glass railing. Here are five advantages of glass railings for any home.

1. Unbeatable view

As you relax with a drink, a glass railing provides an unimpeded view for you to savour. An open view of their surroundings is one of the best qualities people appreciate about their glass railings.

2. Bright and spacious

A transparent railing brings many advantages. Without wooden or metal rails obscuring the view, your outdoor space feels more open, brighter and spacious. Not only can you look out freely, but light can flood in without being blocked.

3. Exclusive appearance

Glass is a versatile and attractive material that blends in with a wide range of surroundings with ease. Räckesbutiken has models in aluminium, stainless steel, only-glass railing as well as various glass and clamp fasteners for existing supports. All of our models offer the same timeless design with crisp and clean lines. These qualities will add value to your living space, both as a place to relax and enjoy, but also a home improvement that will attract other people in the future.

4. Easy to maintain

All home owners know that maintenance consumes time, energy and money. The severe winters take a toll on the wooden elements of our houses. With a glass railing, it is one less thing to worry about. Glass and metal are both highly weather resistant and easy to maintain. Less time maintaining aspects of your home, means more time relaxing on the balcony or outdoors.

5. Easy to order and install

Home improvements often look great when complete, but we do not see the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it work. At Räckesbutiken, we make everything as easy as possible for you. You only need to decide on the type of railing with any optional extras and then send us the measurements to complete the order in a simple click. Once you’ve ordered, our free delivery will include all the parts, instruction manual, links to helpful videos, fastenings and expert customer support should you require. The railing is easy to install with just a drill, ruler and spirit level.



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