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Wire Railing for Stairs

Personal railing advice

An opportunity for you together with one of our railing experts, go through how you can go from idea to finished railing.

Wire Railing for Stairs – Elegance with a Maritime Touch

Our wire stair railing, crafted from stainless steel, offers a stylish and open design that enhances the aesthetic of any staircase. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, providing a sense of maritime elegance from the first step to the last. This railing combines durability with a sleek appearance, effortlessly integrating into various architectural styles.

Customisable Stainless Steel Wire Railing

Constructed with high-quality, corrosion-resistant 4mm diameter twisted stainless steel cables, the design is both practical and visually appealing. The wires are securely fastened to the outer posts and loop through intermediate points, with posts strategically placed on the top and bottom steps.

Personalise your railing by choosing the height and number of wires, depending on whether you prefer a lighter, airier look or a more solid, robust feel. The top offers options of a stainless steel or wood (oak or jatoba). Finalist the measurements, materials, and details using our user-friendly design tool.

Hassle-Free Installation

Out kit includes everything needed for a smooth installation: loops, screws, bits, and other necessary components. The stainless steel posts come with a foot for easy attachment. Detailed measurements templates guide the precise placement of end and corner posts. Additionally, your order includes an installation booklet specific to your model, complemented by step-by-step video guidance.

Design and Order with Ease

Our online design tool enables you to input measurements and select design preferences, displaying the changes in both 3D and sketch formats. This preview ensures you know exactly how your wire railing will look before purchase. Save your designs, reassess measurements, and modify your choice at any time. You can also email a quote for easy comparison or family discussions.

Order wire railing online - on desktop, tablet and mobile

The design tool is easy to manage on desktop, tablet and mobile


If you’re going to assemble a railing in stainless steel outdoors you should be aware of that it requires some amount of maintenance, otherwise there’s a risk that it will (despite its name) rust. Stainless steel railings needs to be cleaned in regular intervals, and more often if you live near by the sea. If you want a railing that’s almost maintenance free you should look into Alu Classic or Alu Modern.

CE marked railing

Our stainless steel railings are CE marked which meets the requirement of the European standard EN 1090-1. More information about the CE-mark.


Pictures from our customers in different environments and with different design choices.

Technical information

Technical details

CE-marked posts

The posts have been tested for top-down and lateral attachment to wooden base, and can withstand loads of 0.5-1.0 kN/m.

Round Ø 42 mm

Round posts in stainless steel with a diameter of 42 mm. For indoor use: AISI 304 and for outdoor use: AISI 316.

Stainless steel AISI 304/316

If your stainless steel railing is to be installed indoors, stainless AISI 304 is used for the posts. If, however, it's to be mounted outdoors, AISI 316 is used instead, as it is acid-resistant stainless steel.

Wire Ø 4 mm

The wires are in stainless steel with a diameter of 4 mm and in acid-resistant AISI 316.

Material thickness 2 mm

Stainless steel handrail

Round handrail in stainless steel (42mm) AISI 304 for indoor use and AISI 316 for outdoor use. Parts included for any corners. Available in lengths of up to 4.4 m. Longer handrails come in several pieces that are joined with a stylish pipe connector.

Wooden handrail

Round handrail (43 mm) in untreated light oak or jatoba (a hard wood with an appearance similar to teak and with similar characteristics).


At corners, the wooden handrail should be turned manually, to ensure the fit is accurate. For stainless steel handrails at an angle of more than 90 degrees, corner parts are included.

Symmetrical sections

When entering your measurements into our configurator, always enter the outside measurements of the spot in which you wish to place your railing. Our configurator will then make the necessary adjustments. We then adjust the section measurements so that each section on each respective side is the same length. So we adapt your railing to your measurements, not the other way around.

Customisable railing height

In our configurator, you can choose a railing height between 800 mm and 1100 mm from the ground to the top of the railing. The Swedish Housing Agency's standards dictate that if there is a risk of falling from a height of more than 3 metres, then the railings must be 1100 mm tall.

Millimetre perfect

When you enter your measurements, we ask you to do so in millimetres. We create your railing to the millimetre, so that it's a perfect fit for where you want to place it.

Top-down attachment

This is done by driving 4 screws into the floor.

Handrails with or without wall attachment

If the railing starts from a wall, you can choose to attach the rail to the wall, too. This can provide slightly more stability.

Screw for wood attachment

If you choose attachment to a wooden substrate, screws are included for this purpose. The screw is made of hardened steel and, in outdoor environments, also surface-treated with Corrseal - Corrosivity class C4. The screw is equipped with a milling groove along the stem and one on the tip. This means a very low screw-in torque in harder wooden materials and minimizes cracking.

Screw for concrete attachment

If you choose attachment to a concrete substrate, screws are included for this purpose. The screw is made of hardened steel with Corrseal treatment for outdoor environments - Corrosivity class C4. Approved for basic materials: Cracked concrete - Uncracked concrete - Hole-covered decks. Also suitable for: Solid brick - Hollow brick - Solid mexite brick - Natural stone.

Everything is included with your order

The package you receive from us includes everything you need to assemble your barriers. This includes posts, glass and handrails, as well as all screws, drill bits and special tools. All you need is a screwdriver, wrench, ruler and spirit level.

Assembly videos and instructions

Our assembly videos help you by showing specific steps of the installation process. Our assembly tips and videos are adapted to each order. They're not general descriptions, rather, they directly concern your particular order.

Stainless steel parts

Since stainless steel, despite its name, isn't immune to corrosion, all stainless steel parts need to be maintained and cleaned 1-3 times a year. If the railing is installed in an area close to the sea, it may be necessary to clean and treat it more often. Use a soft cloth to clean the surfaces with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

Wooden handrail

If the railing is outdoors, we recommend cleaning the handrail and sanding it with fine sandpaper. Treat the handrail using a preserving product such as wood oil or similar, depending on the weather conditions. Handrails installed indoors only require cleaning and light sanding. Treatment with wood oil or similar is optional. All oak contains varying amounts on tannic acid, depending on the moisture of the wood. This is because the tannic acid counteracts decay in the wood. When your oak lintel or handrail is exposed to a humid or wet outdoor climate for the first time, the tannic acid is secreted. Which could cause discoloration on the surface below or underneath. Therefore, we recommend that the wood gets oiled, alternatively coated with oxalic acid during the mounting in order to decrease the risk of secretion of tannic acid. The oxalic acid could also be used to clean discolorations on the surface below. Consult with your paint shop before using oxalic acid. To keep the wood in good condition, we recommend oiling the wood a few times during the year.

When you're building your railing, the usage class (A+, A, B or C) gives an indication of where it's suitable to use. Classes are based on current building regulations and our own product tests, and take into account your specifications regarding railing height, section width, details, etc. They're our recommendations to help you make the right choice!

Class A+

A+ rated railings meet the Swedish Housing Authority's requirements for railings at a drop height of over 3 metres from floor level to ground level, and are therefore suitable for use in all types of residential environments, as well as public ones such as offices, restaurants and shops. Our A+ rated railings can handle loads of at least 1 kN/m, and those with glass include only safety glass that prevents personal injury in the event of impact.

Class A

A-rated railings meet the Swedish Housing Authority's requirements for railings at a drop height of over 3 metres from floor level to ground level, and are therefore suitable for use in all types of residential environments. Our A-rated railings can handle loads of at least 0.5 kN/m in line load and in cases where the railing has glass. Those with glass include only safety glass that prevents personal injury in the event of impact.

Class B

Class B railings are suitable for use in environments in which the level difference from floor to ground is 0.5-3 metres. Our B-class railings can withstand loads of at least 0.5 kN/m. Those with glass include only safety glass that prevents personal injury in the event of impact.

Class C

C-rated railings are suitable for use at ground level. Those with glass include only safety glass that prevents personal injury in the event of impact. A railing can become Class C if Balustradestore together with you as a customer, makes a change to the railing that deviates from our standard. C-rated then means that this specific configuration has not been tested.


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