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Height-adjustable glass barrier

Height-adjustable glass barrier

Alu Flex is a versatile and robust glass barrier with a protective top panel which can be raised and lowered as required. A chill wind blowing? Simply pull up the glass section to create an effective windbreak so you can sit in comfort. A warmer day? Lower the glass section and enjoy the summer breeze.

Functional & stylish – with options

With our height-adjustable glass barrier, you can defy the weather gods and enjoy your patio for longer. Our attractive design helps to frame the outdoor area and blends in seamlessly with your garden. You can even add an awning to create a conservatory.

Selected options:

  • The aluminum posts are available in the standard colours of untreated (aluminum), white and black, but you can also choose which RAL colour suits you.
  • Height: Lowered position/raised position: 800/1300 mm, 900/1500 mm, 1000/1700 mm, 1100/1900 * mm or 1200/2100 * mm (max. Width 2000 mm).
  • Width: Max 2200 mm **

* For installation of more than 2m above ground level, the height of the lowered position of the railing must be at least 1100 mm.
** Please note that the maximum width is subject to the prevailing wind conditions and desired installation height. This applies to fixed barriers and standard height-adjustable sections.

You make your selections in our design tool.

Adjustable height – easy

The inbuilt barrier counterweight offers the advantage of smooth and easy control and requires no force to change the height. Even a child can change the barrier’s position. This also enables precise control of the barrier’s height, to suit your needs and the conditions.

Easy to customise and order through our design tool

With our easy to use design and ordering tool, simply add the dimensions and tailor the design to meet your taste or needs. Your choices will be displayed as both a 3D image and drawing, so that you can feel completely confident about how it will look before you order. If you save your design, you can log in again and adjust the size and features at any time. You can also have the quote sent to your email address, to give you time to reflect on your decision.

Beställ Alu Modern online - via dator, surfplatta eller mobil

Easy to assemble

We have taken the time and care to make the barrier easy to assemble. All screws and other fastenings are included. The barrier comes with a handy measurement template to position the supports in accordance with the size ordered.

Your order also includes an instructional video of the installation. The videos are specially designed for your barrier and takes you step by step through the assembly.


Technical information

Technical details


Min. 500 mm
Max. 2,200 mm
Please note that the maximum width can be affected by the prevailing conditions such as wind load and installation height.


Standard heights:
• 800/1300 mm (lowered position/raised position)
• 900/1500 mm
• 1000/1700 mm
• 1100/1900* mm
• 1200/2100* mm (max. width 2,000 mm))

As standard, the movable glass sections are 6 mm laminated safety glass and the fixed glass sections are 6 mm laminated safety glass.

Aluminum rail

As standard, the barrier comes with an aluminum rail that protects the horizontal edges of the glass.

Sanded glass edges

When designing your railing, you can choose to have a ground glass finish along the horizontal edges of the glass.

Glass choice

Clear glass
Opal glass has a whitish film between the panes, for extra privacy. Opal is also known as 'frosted glass'.

Clamp support

When using a clamp support, the barrier must be installed 25 mm from the edge of a wooden base and 50 mm from the edge of a concrete base. Both clamp screw holes must be used.

Balcony support

A balcony support is installed close to the edge of the balcony base. The screws are fastened through the lower holes of the balcony support and through the top hole that is furthest from the edge of the base.


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