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Alu Simple

Alu Simple

Alu Simple, our take on a straightforward glass divider, offers simplicity and style in a convenient package. Available in fixed dimensions for swift delivery, this product is ideal if you’re looking for basic yet elegant glass partition or a chic detail for your space. Choose the number of poles and glass panes you need; please note that scores are not included but are available for seperate purchase.

Despite its simplicity, Alu Simple upholds our commitment to high quality. However, it’s important to understand that Alu Simple is not classified as a safety railing.

Product Information

  • Center to Center measurements: 600 or 1000 cc
  • 3-way poles in aluminium. Start, end, 180/90 degrees
  • Height: 900 mm
  • Glass: 6 mm single-tempered (not laminated)
  • 90-degree corners only
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for mounting at ground level
  • Alu Simple belongs to utility class category C

Distinct Features of Alu Simple:

Alu Simple differs from our other glass railings in several key aspects:

  • Fixed dimensions: Unlike our tailor-made railings, Alu Simple is ordered in predetermined sizes.
  • Utility Class: As a Category C utility product, Alu Simple is not a safety railing and is recommended for ground-lever installation.
  • Glass type: It features single tempered glass, in contrast to the laminated glass used in our higher utility class railings.

For a combination of style and safety, consider our other railing products which offer higher utility classes.

Easy Ordering Process:

Ordering Alu Simple is straightforward. Simply select the required number of poles and glass panes, along with their respective widths, and add them to your cart. For screws, choose according to your surface type, with options for wood or concrete screws.

To keep the glass pristine, consider purchasing our Nano-Sealer, an effective and affordable solution for maintaining the glass’s shine.

Simple Assembly

Assembling Alu Simple is hassle-free. Each order comes with an assembly guide in both text and video formats. Should you have any questions, our costumer service team is ready to assist via phone or email.

Order form

Personal railing advice

An opportunity for you get advice from one of our railing experts, how to go from idea to finished railing.

Technical information

Technical details

Square 45x45 mm

Square aluminium posts with dimensions 45x45 mm, powder coated in black.

Tempered Clear Glass

The glass is 6 mm thick

Railing Height

The height of the railing is 900 mm. According to standards set by the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, railings should be 1,100 mm high in places with a risk of falling of more than 3 metres.

A package of screws can be selected.

If you choose to purchase the package of screws, you get screws and tools to install your railing.

Installation Instructions

An installation description comes with your order.

Aluminium Details

Poles and other aluminium details require little maintenance. Should spots occur, a mild detergent, water and a soft cloth are usually sufficient. Do not use products with abrasive properties, acids or alkaline agents.


Clean the glass surfaces with a soft cloth and window and mirror cleaner. For more severe spots, rubbing alcohol can be used. Afterwards, clean with window and mirror cleaner again. Do not use abrasives on glass.


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